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A sea crossing in to a new country always somehow seem more adventurous than other methods of travel, this one was no exception.  Although it takes little over an hour from Buenos Aries to Colonia del Sacramento it feels like you’re entering another world.  Most people seem to do the crossing as a day trip and then head back over to Argentina after a brief visit.  We wanted to stay a little longer to try and find out what this small South American country has to offer.

“Many little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world.”

Eduardo Galeano

Our next stop is the capital Montevideo, a bustling metropolis of over one million people.  It has grown up round the old city of Spanish origin with Plaza Independencia at its heart.  We continue from here round the coast to La Paloma with its magnificent beaches, hopefully for some rest and relaxation.  You may not think so but all this adventure is very tiring and it feels good to take a break.

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