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Strictly speaking Sicily is part of Italy, many Sicilians though believe it is a separate country.  For the sake of ease we are going to agree with them and give Sicily it’s own page.  Sicily has a fantastic story having been conquered and reconquered many times throughout it’s history.  With each of these conquering cultures leaving it’s mark on the island.

If your a fan of Greek history Sicily has some of the best preserved Greek temples outside of Greece itself.  Agrigento has an unmissable collection, one of which is believed to of been standing without restoration since it was originally constructed.  Which is quite remarkable considering the active nature of the ground it’s built on.

Catania and Syracuse are both well known for their Roman archaeological sites. With Syracuse also have Greek and Medieval remains with one of the largest Greek theatres ever built.  In the centre of town in Piazza del Duomo is an amazing cathedral which has been built around the remains of a greek temple.  You can still see the Doric columns integrated within the outside walls. Cantania’s Roman Amphitheatre is still used to hold performances to this day.  One of the most popular is Norma by Bellini’s who was born in the town.

Sicily is studded by volcanoes. With at least three of these active, including the largest active volcano in Europe, Etna.  Lesser know volcanoes are situated on the Islands of Vulcano and Stromboli both of which can be climbed, the later being a great place to watch lava bombs light up the night sky.  Lipari doesn’t have an active volcano but makes a great base to island hope the Aeolian group of islands which nestle just off Sicily’s coast.

If it’s a typical Sicilian beach resort you are looking for to relax and enjoy some down time you couldn’t do much better than to spend a few days in San Vito.  We got lucky and arrived there in the middle of it’s annual international couscous festival.  Last but not least of our posts so far Is the beautiful hill town of Ragusa a town flattened by a massive earthquake in the 1690’s and rebuilt in a baroque style.

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