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Our Story

We’re Chris & Lynne the creators of Andiamo Amigos travel Blog.  The name Andiamo, the Italian for Let’s go and Amigos the Spanish for friends created Let’s go friends, Andiamo Amigos.  We’re based in the UK, in Lancashire and absolutely love to travel. Between us we’ve lived in five different countries and we’ve travelled to over fifty; heres our story.

This blog was born, ironically from a lack of travel. It started as a lockdown project to document the memories we have made together up until now. We enjoyed this process so much that we have decided to publish our adventures and to continue this process for new adventures when we are again free to roam.  So please head back to see us as often as you can as we have so much more to add to this blog both past and hopefully future.

I’m Chris, travelling has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I constantly live with that feeling that I need to know whats round the next corner, what over the next hill.  I have been lucky enough to travel quite extensively.  I love to record my adventures in photographic form but like to keep it as simple as possible.  Hiking and scuba diving are two of my passions I suppose it relates to having to know whats hidden beyond or below.

El Camino del Rey
Sierra Negra Crater Isabela

I’m Lynne, like Chris travelling has been part of my DNA since I was a little girl.  My Dad used to travel a lot for business and would bring back postcards and I would imagine visiting these wonderful far off places.  Travelling, for me is about the sights, the sounds, the atmosphere and culture. Oh and the food, it is always about the food.   I enjoy taking pictures, recording where we have been to look back on and to include in our travel blog, sharing our experiences with other people. 

Our travel Philosophy 

Some people believe that the entire experience of the human race is written into the dna of every person on the planet.  If this is the case then the only thing you can leave when you go are memories.  Building those memories, living our lives to the best of our abilities should therefore be our biggest priority.

Of course like the vast majority we have to find a balance between living life to the full and earning the living to look after ourselves and our families.  As we get older and our families grow up and leave the nest the balance starts to change.  We begin to look for the pleasures in life and in our case thats travel and adventure.     

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