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We love Italy,  I need to say that again We really love Italy!  We try to get back here at least once a year exploring a different region each time although we do seem to end up in Naples quite a lot. No surprise, as this is one of our favourite cities.  There’s so much history hidden beneath and built into the streets and the food, we can’t forget the amazing foodie treats.

Rome also seems to be a city we can’t resist and another must see destination.  With it’s world famous sites and a really distinct food culture its a city you cant miss.  Speaking of food, no trip to Italy can be called complete without a trip to Bologna. So many of Italy’s most famous food exports come from this small town and the surrounding area.

Another must visit area of Italy we cover in our post is Venice and it’s surrounding islands and resorts some of which in our opinion are a better visit than the main city itself, although having said that you really can’t miss it out as it has some amazing places to see.  Our guide to the beautiful islands of the Venetian lagoon is a good place to start.

You can’t really say you’ve done Italy without visiting the north of the country Riva Del Garda is a good place to start with plenty to do in and around the town Including some great hikes and walks with a little introduction to Via Ferrata for us which we really enjoyed.

Other places we have explored include a wonderful few days exploring Calabria and again a fabulous few days exploring the five villages better know as the Cinque Terre.  If you looking for our Sicily posts please follow the link.

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