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Thought to be the birth place of civilisation as we know it today. This fascinating country is well worth returning to again and again.  Although at the moment we have just the four posts, Greece or more accurately the Greek islands, is somewhere I have visited quite often.  For Lynne on the other hand this was her first trip and I believe she fell in love with the history, culture and just the sheer beauty of the place.  The islands seem to have a magical quality,  it may be something to do with the quality of the light.  Although more likely to do with many Sunday afternoons sat in front of the telly watching Jason and the Argonauts.

Below in our posts you will find our unique perspective on island hopping, I suppose trying to find the real unspoilt island life.  The closest I think we came to this was on the wonderfully unspoilt Island of Amorgos what a wonderful gem of an island. I truly can’t wait to spend more time here.  In complete contrast the must visit city of Athens is completely and understandably over run with tourists.  Having said that it is one of those destinations that you just have to see at least once.

Paros and Antiparos I have been to before, and it seems like another life now but it was good to be back and it hadn’t really changed all that much, perhaps a few more cars now than then.   Speaking of cars, everyone on Milos seems to have at least two each although we did manage to see everything we wanted to using public transport.  With the big attraction here being the famous boat trip round the island which didn’t disappoint. 

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