Azerbaijan We actually only visited the city of Baku and didn’t really know what to expect.  It turned out to be a wonderful surprise with

Belgium F1 Grand Prix


Belgium The famous race track at Spa is our only adventure to Belgium so far.  To tell the truth it’s not really a country we’ve

Lost city trek


Colombia Colombia was our entry point into South America and the start of our epic exploration of the continent.  We arrived after a thirteen hour

Plitvice Lakes Croatia


Croatia We ended up in Croatia purely by chance.  We were in the Venice Italy, the weather was wet and rainy with the prospect of



Ecuador Ecuador is the land of volcanoes with forty seven in total including the ones on the Galapagos. Twenty seven of these are potentially active.

Sacre Coeur Paris


France Our next door neighbour, France is a beautiful country with many regions to explore.  We have been to France a number of times as

Parikia, Greece


Greece Thought to be the birth place of civilisation as we know it today. This fascinating country is well worth returning to again and again. 



Iceland Iceland Is somewhere we have always wanted to go mainly for the opportunity to view Whales at close quarters which didn’t disappoint.  It was

Gili Air


Indonesia Indonesia is a massive country with thousands of islands and communities.  We only managed to explore a small part of this fascinating country.  Our

Manarola Cinque Terre


Italy We love Italy,  I need to say that again We really love Italy!  We try to get back here at least once a year

Chan Chan


Peru Peru must be on most peoples dream places to visit list.  Amazing historical sites and iconic hikes.  From glacier covered peaks to dense jungle,



Portugal Madeira, a region of Portugal, off the northwest coast of Africa. Famed for it’s Levadas. It’s a great place for trekking and taking in



Sicily Strictly speaking Sicily is part of Italy, many Sicilians though believe it is a separate country.  For the sake of ease we are going



Singapore Singapore is a very modern city but if you look carefully you can pick out some wonderful gems from it’s past. The mix of

The steel rope bridge El Caminito del Rey


Spain Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe but once you get away from the crowded beach resorts and you’ll find


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka A beautiful teardrop off the coast of India.  A fantastic mixture of culture, food, historic sites and glorious beaches, oh and Elephants because

Goynuk Canyon


Turkey Our trip to Turkey was born of necessity, basically it was the only place in the world we were allowed to travel to.  Unfortunately

New forest Ponies

United Kingdom

United Kingdom The United Kingdom is home for us, it’s where we come back to after our adventures.  If you’re from outside the UK come

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