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Colombia was our entry point into South America and the start of our epic exploration of the continent.  We arrived after a thirteen hour Journey into Bogota international airport.  Straight away for me the altitude was a struggle, Lynne on the other hand seemed to cope very well at the dizzying heights of 2640m above mean sea level.

We both found Bogota kind of edgy it’s not what you would expect from a touristed city say like Rome or Paris, it’s edgy and the air is thick with exhaust fumes.  We both never quite felt safe.  In complete contrast Santa Marta felt different,  back at sea level this busy bustling town felt friendlier the people smiling and happy the air thick with a very apparent Caribbean vibe.

The plan was to only be here as a stopping off point to other places in the area such as Minca, Palomino and The lost city trek but the joy of this form of travel is that plans can change you never know we may stay a little longer before our move up the coast to  Cartagena and the surrounding area.

“I love my country and it hurts not to be able to see my country, as I did for so many years. I hope that I will one day be able to live in a peaceful Colombia.”

Fernando Botero

After a long and gruelling bus journey we find ourselves in the wonderful city of Medellin from here we continue our journey south taking in the beautiful Pueblo of Jardin with is amazing square, unspoilt vibe and waterfalls then onto Salento for more hiking in the spectacular Valle de Cocora

Still further south and ever closer to the Ecuadorian boarder we reach an area we have been looking forward to exploring since we started planning our South American adventure.  First Popayan the white city with it’s many churches and fascinating history.  Then onto the archolgical sites in and around San Agustin and Tierradentro then finally the boarder crossing between Ipiales Colombia and Tulcán Ecuador,

Our Colombia posts
lost city trek

The Lost city trek | Is it worth the effort?

The simple answer is yes most definitely the effort is what makes the getting there so sweet. Not only is the Lost city an amazing place to visit but the trek through the lush cloud forrest of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a rewarding venture in itself.

Minca view from the hostel

Minca, our view | Is it still worth visiting?

As part of our South American adventure in 2022, we headed to Minca after spending some time in Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast with the full intention of doing some hiking in the lush green forest area in the foothills of the Sierra

Santa Marta Cathedral

Santa Marta | The top 5 best things to see and do

We visited Santa Marta after our short stay in Bogota.  Santa Marta is a lively and hectic city on the northern coast of Colombia in the area of Magdalena.  Its a really bustling city and port and was the first settled site when the Spanish came to Colombia.  


Palomino | Is it still the place to chill?

If you’re looking for that chilled out hippy vibe of fifteen years ago perhaps you may find Palomino disappointing.  At times we found it more Benidorm than beguiling.  Or maybe more Magaluf than mystic.  Having said that if you take it for what it is a rustic holiday resort on the Caribbean coast of Colombia then you can still find plenty of reasons to visit.

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