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Chile was a fleeting experience for us, we spent very little time here.  The culture shock as you enter the desert town of San Pedro de Atacama is immense.  The prices double if not treble and it no longer feels like backpacking, more like a bid for survival. That aside, we enjoyed San Pedro it’s a very relaxed community of locals, expats and tourists just getting on and enjoying life.

“Life is tough – and you have to be tougher than life to change the world.”

Sebastian Pinera

We decided to make the journey down to Santiago de Chile, this wasn’t the original plan.  We were told that, in order to appreciate the real Chile, we needed to visit the capital.  Both of us have mixed feelings about that visit, it wasn’t our favourite city by a long way and we had a few bad experiences there.  There were good things too though.  In places Santiago is a beautiful city but for a backpackers on a budget the cost of living is crippling.

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