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Brazil is a vast country covering eight and a half million square kilometres most of which is uninhabited rain forest. Even so trying to figure out where to visit in the short time we have is mind boggling.  You could spend ten lifetimes here and still not see the half of it.  As with most people we only had time to visit three or four locations.  I’d love to spend more time here but unfortunately our South American journey is coming to an end for now.  New adventures are calling. 

Our adventures in Brazil started from the border with Uruguay. Quite a long and complicated series of bus journeys over a couple of days to get us to Foz do Iguazu.   We then had a fantastic four days exploring the falls from both sides of the border, Brazil and Argentina.  We also took  a side trip to Paraguay to visit Itapu Dam, the second biggest dam in the world.

“Brazil has people in some places with so difficult situations. They prefer to smile than cry because they love life. They love to be happy. That’s Brazilian style.

David Luiz

Another massive bus journey of over thirty hours then took us to Rio de Janeiro. were we spent a wonderful week exploring the sights and playing on the most famous beaches in the world.  Next was Paraty known as paradise by the Brazilians. We had been recommended this place by some locals in a bar in Foz do Iguazu so we decide to spend Christmas there.  We would then fly from Sao Paulo to Panama City to start a new adventure travelling through Central America.

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