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We really were not very sure what to expect from Bolivia so we  crossed the border with an open heart and an open mind ready for adventure.  After the disappointment of Puno and our final few days in Peru we were hoping for the best.  Arriving into Copacabana in bright sunshine with lake Titicaca glistening out to the horizon we started to feel that perhaps we may enjoy our time in Bolivia.

After three very enjoyable nights in the lakeside town we caught the afternoon bus into the busy and bustling metropolis that is La Paz. We had done some research on the city but not too much but an archeological site close by had always drawn our attention since first hearing about it a few years ago Tiwanaku has mysterious links to alien invaders so we had to go and check it out.

“In Bolivia there are indigenous religious beliefs like the rite of Pachamama Mother Earth, which shows us that Mother Earth is our life, we are born out of the Earth we live on the Earth and return to the Earth.”

Evo Morales

Sucre was our next port of call where we spent a wonderful three days exploring the white city that is the capital of Bolivia. It was then an overnight bus ride to Uyuni where we ended or time in the country with an amazing tour of the salt flats that culminated with a border crossing into the desert oasis town of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.

Our time in Bolivia was shorter than we intended but sometimes that’s just how things work out. It is a wonderful country with plenty to offer so hopefully at some point in the not to distant future we will return. But for now we must say farewell, there are so many other interesting places to visit and so little time.

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