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Copacabana beach Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro | Top attractions and sights in and around the city

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s second largest city and said to be one of the most visited cities in South America.  When you think of Rio you think of carnival, fantastic beaches, favelas and famous landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf mountain.

Floralis Generia Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires | What you can see on a quick trip to the city

Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and its capital.  Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps, famous for its phenomenal nightlife, which ranges from traditional neighbourhood taverns to award-winning cocktail bars.  


Tipon & Pikillaqta | A guide to Cusco’s southern valley

Tipon & Pikillaqta are two archeological sites that are located in Cusco’s less visited southern valley.  Tipon is a large Incan site believed to be from the early fifteenth century, while Pikillaqta was built by the Wari culture that predates the Incans.


The sacred Valley of the Incas | How to visit independently

The Sacred Valley sits in Peru’s Andean highlands, with Cusco and the ancient city of Machu Picchu, it formed the heart of the Inca Empire. Stretching roughly 60 kilometers, it’s an area of fertile farmland and Spanish colonial villages like Pisac and Ollantaytambo

Plaza de Armas Cusco

Cusco | Eight amazing things to do for free in the city

There is literally so much to do and see in Cusco you’d need weeks to see it all.  As well as the paid activities we found loads to do for free and being on a travellers budget we were amazed at how much we could see and do for free.

Chan Chan

Trujillo | Gateway to Chan Chan and the Temple of the Moon

Trujillo is Peru’s third largest populous city and lies on the North Western coast of the country.  Its said to be rich in culture and the ancient archeological sites of Chan Chan and the Temple of the Moon which lie just outside the city are testament to that.  

Cuenca Cathedral

Cuenca Highlights | What to see and do in and around the city

Cuenca or to give it its full name Santa Ana de los Cuatro Rios de Cuenca is located in the highlands of Ecuador and sits at 2560mtrs above sea level.  It’s centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited by many tourists.


Cotopaxi Volcano | Our independent traveller’s guide

Cotopaxi volcano is probably the most iconic emblem of Ecuador and one of the most recognisable mountains in South America if not the world.  So with that in mind you would think it would be hard to visit and expensive.


Quito | Discovering Ecuadors busy colonial capital

We had been looking forward to discovering Ecuador’s colonial capital since we entered the country almost a week ago.  It is one of the first twelve places to be given the status of a unesco world heritage site.

Sierra Negra Crater Isabela

Isabela Island Galapagos | Making the most of your budget

Isabela Island is the largest of the Galápagos Islands and is distinctly shaped like a horseshoe.  It is made up of no less than 5 young volcanoes fused together with some of them still being active with the most recent eruption on Sierra Negro being only in 2018.

cocora valley

Our guide to hiking the Cocora Valley Colombia

The Valle del Cócora is situated in the Quindio department of Colombia about ten kilometres from Salento which is where most people base themselves to access the valley and its hiking trials.


Medellin Visit | The top 5 things to see and do in the city

In this blog we will describe for you five amazing things to discover in the Colombian city of Medellin.  Once notorious as being the murder capital of the world the new improved cleaned up Medellin is a delight to explore.


Palomino | Is it still the place to chill?

If you’re looking for that chilled out hippy vibe of fifteen years ago perhaps you may find Palomino disappointing.  At times we found it more Benidorm than beguiling.  Or maybe more Magaluf than mystic.  Having said that if you take it for what it is a rustic holiday resort on the Caribbean coast of Colombia then you can still find plenty of reasons to visit.

lost city trek

The Lost city trek | Is it worth the effort?

The simple answer is yes most definitely the effort is what makes the getting there so sweet. Not only is the Lost city an amazing place to visit but the trek through the lush cloud forrest of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a rewarding venture in itself.

Santa Marta Cathedral

Santa Marta | The top 5 best things to see and do

We visited Santa Marta after our short stay in Bogota.  Santa Marta is a lively and hectic city on the northern coast of Colombia in the area of Magdalena.  Its a really bustling city and port and was the first settled site when the Spanish came to Colombia.  

Minca view from the hostel

Minca, our view | Is it still worth visiting?

As part of our South American adventure in 2022, we headed to Minca after spending some time in Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast with the full intention of doing some hiking in the lush green forest area in the foothills of the Sierra

Tobermory Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull Scotland | Explore this beautiful island

The Isle of Mull is one of the most picturesque of the inner Hebridean islands of Scotland.  It has a bounty of fantastic wildlife, secluded white sand beaches, waterfalls to die for and character filled villages that are welcoming and full of the most amazing people.

Quiet Venice

12 Really Helpful Travel Saving Tips

Here is our very best list of very handy travel tips which we hope will save you some time and money on your travels.  If there is a super tip that you know of that we’ve missed then let us know.   

Italian Grand Prix

6 Italian Grand Prix tips | How to have a great weekend

So you have always had a notion to visit the Italian Grand Prix. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the telly or may be you’ve attended other Grand Prix and you fancy trying somewhere new.  We have now been three times and over the years have gained some experience that will hopefully make your visit more memorable.


Italy, a travel guide | How to get there & explore

So you’ve read some of our posts and you’ve decided you would like to visit Italy.  In this guide we will give you some advice on how to get there and some travel options once you’re there.

Larpool viaduct

Cycle the Cinder Track | A wonderful off road adventure

The cinder track is a disused railway line that runs for twenty one miles between Scarborough and Whitby. The line it’s self was in use between 1885 and 1965. Its called the cinder track due to the cinders that where used as ballast to run the rails on.


Wycoller Hall & Country Park – A perfect Day out in Lancashire

Wycoller, with it’s ruined hall and ancient bridges, is a fantastic day out for the whole family.  Believed to date back to the tenth century Wycoller was virtually abandoned as the weavers left to work in the nearby mills during the industrial revolution.


Five exciting things Andiamo Amigos did in Kemer, Turkey

Our summer 2020 holiday we found ourselves exploring Kemer, Turkey as travelling options were limited.  It was was my first visit to Turkey as Chris has been to before but not to this area.  I’d only ever transited through Istanbul airport so that doesn’t count. 

Olimpos Antik Kenti

Five amazing things Andiamo Amigos did when visiting Olimpos Kemer

Just down the coast from Kemer is this lovely coastal village of Olimpos and the ancient site of Olimpos Antik Kenti from Roman and Lycian times.  We got there by hiring a car from Europcar in Kemer for the day at a cost of £30 for 24 hrs, total bargain.

Goynuk Canyon

Göynük Canyon | How to have the best adventure

Goynuk Canyon is a mountain area approx 10km north of Kemer.  Exploring Goynuk canyon is mainly done on foot but we’ll tell you about how we  did the canyoning activity and got into the water.  Excellent fun!

Exploring the city of Cordoba | An Andalusian treasure

As part of our Andalusian New Year adventure that would take us to Seville, Cadiz, El Chorro we also wanted to visit the city of Cordoba as its historical centre is listed as a world UNESCO heritage site and its got some fantastic buildings.

Looking down to the cathedral

A Day in Cadiz | A wonderful coastal Andalusian town

Our day trip to Cadiz was part of our New Years trip to Seville and as Cadiz was only a train ride away we decided to visit.   Our trip to Cadiz was inspired by Rick Stein and his Long Weekends TV series.


Seville, Spain | Tapas and culture, a great combination

Seville is the capital of the Andalusia area and seemed to offer all the thinsgs Chris and I love in an adventure.  Food, culture, good local transport links and of course Seville is the setting for Chris’s favourite opera, Carmen.  It was perfect and absolutely lived up to its reputation. 


How to explore Bologna | A wonderfully gastronomic city

We had a list of things we wanted to do and try in Bologna and 99% of them were food related.  Bologna is a foodies paradise.  Some of the most recognisable Italian food items come from this region and we planned to taste them all.

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