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The best piece of advice we could ever give anybody wanting to travel is, don’t hold back.  Go for it, you’ll never regret it. The sooner you start your journey of exploration the better.  The world is changing rapidly, we are loosing the diversity of our own species. Don’t wait around wondering if travelling is right for you, just get out there find your own style any time any age.  It’s never to late or to soon to live your dreams

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“Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta

What Next
As planned we are now travelling through Central America.  To save time we flew from Brazil to Panama as trying to get back up through South America by ground transport would have been a very difficult undertaking.
After a brief stay in Panama City we moved north through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador and now find ourselves exploring Guatemala.
Our plan for the next few weeks is to make our way to the Caribbean coast to hope fully relax by the sea.  Then it’s on to Mexico and the end of our epic adventure 

/Upated February 4th 2023

Our plan for the next few weeks is to make our way to the Caribbean coast”

Quilotoa Crater Lake

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“Theres nothing quite like visiting somewhere new”.

Theres nothing quite like visiting somewhere new. It could be a new City, Town or even a new country.  Experiencing new sights, tastes and sounds, in our opinion, it’s what life is all about.
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Can the Galapagos Islands really be done on a budget?  read this post to find out.

The Galapagos Islands sit just off the coast of Ecuador and are a dream location for most travellers including us, Can they really be visited on the cheap, and if so will you get to see all the iconic wildlife you would see on a high priced tour?  In this post we attempt to answer all those questions and more.  Click on the image below to find out how we got on when we spent an amazing two weeks on the islands.

“Cusco is a wonderful city, perfect as a base to explore the area”

Cusco is known as the capital of the ancient empire of the Incas.  It’s a beautiful reconstructed colonial metropolis built on the foundations of the old Incan citadel.  It sits close to all the main attractions in the area including Machu Picchu, the sacred valley and many of the most famous Incan sites in Peru.

“The lost City Trek Probably the best in Colombia”

The Lost City trek is one of the most iconic multi day treks you can do in Colombia.  Over four or five days you can hike through the rain forest until you come upon and amazing sight at the top of a long flight of ancient stairs.  Older than Machu Picchu this is definitely one you can’t miss
It's all about the cars

“Attending a formula one race weekend is an amazing experience”.

Attending a formula one race weekend is an amazing experience. These cars hurtle round the track at over two hundred miles an hour. Check out our guides to some of the most iconic tracks in the world
Italian Grand Prix

6 Italian Grand Prix tips | How to have a great weekend

So you have always had a notion to visit the Italian Grand Prix. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the telly or may be you’ve attended other Grand Prix and you fancy trying somewhere new.  We have now been three times and over the years have gained some experience that will hopefully make your visit more memorable.

Latest in Travel Advice

“How to choose Backpacking insurance”

Here we will try and give you a few pointers to hopefully set you on the right track and save you some time and money. For the sake of this post we are going to define backpacking as any trip outside your own country that lasts for longer than the usual annual leave and falls outside the remit of the normal holiday insurance policy. 
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