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Some people believe that the entire experience of the human race is written into the dna of every person on the planet.  If this is the case then the only thing you can leave when you go are memories.  Building those memories, living our lives to the best of our abilities should therefore be our biggest priority.

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“Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta

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We are now well into our South American adventure. Colombia has turned out to be a wonderful vibrant country full of surprises, amazing sights, cultures and natural wonders.  
We have finished our time on the Caribbean coast and are now working our way ever closer to the border with Ecuador. So many more wonders lie ahead; this journey is already more than we ever expected.
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/Upated June 2022

“So many wonders lie ahead this Journey is already more than we ever expected”

At the summit of the Via Ferrata route

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“Theres nothing quite like visiting somewhere new”.

Theres nothing quite like visiting somewhere new. It could be a new City, Town or even a new Country. Experiencing new sights, tastes and sounds, in our opinion, it’s what life is all about.
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“How to choose Backpacking insurance”

Here we will try and give you a few pointers to hopefully set you on the right track and save you some time and money. For the sake of this post we are going to define backpacking as any trip outside your own country that lasts for longer than the usual annual leave and falls outside the remit of the normal holiday insurance policy. 
It's all about the cars

“Attending a formula one race weekend is an amazing experience”.

Attending a formula one race weekend is an amazing experience. These cars hurtle round the track at over two hundred miles an hour. Check out our guides to some of the most iconic tracks in the world
Italian Grand Prix

6 Italian Grand Prix tips | How to have a great weekend

So you have always had a notion to visit the Italian Grand Prix. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the telly or may be you’ve attended other Grand Prix and you fancy trying somewhere new.  We have now been three times and over the years have gained some experience that will hopefully make your visit more memorable.

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“A wonderful Christmas trip to the island of levadas”

Madeira, is a region of Portugal comprising 4 islands off the northwest coast of Africa. It is known for its namesake wine Madeira and warm, subtropical climate. The main island of Madeira is volcanic, green and rugged, with high cliffs and pebbly beaches and is a favourite tourist destination.

“It’s known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes”

The park is a 295-sq.-km forest reserve in central Croatia. It’s known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon. To explore Plitvice Lakes there are walkways and hiking trails that wind around and across the water……..

“The best of Rome in three days”

Chance to look back on one of our favourite trips . This was our first time in the eternal city and our first visit to Italy we both fell instantly in love with this beautiful country.
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